Friday, June 12, 2009

Potty Training! Uggggh!

Since I have a puppy and have started potty training again, I thought it fitting to blog about! LOL...It's been so long since I've had to do this, since Diesel was already potty trained at 3 months when we got him and our last puppy before him was 4 years ago!

Anyways, I completely forgot how much time it takes to watch a puppy going through potty's like having a 2 year old kid all over again!!! The method I use is what we recommended at the vets office. Basically it goes like this...

Make sure you always are able to watch your puppy, so you can catch them in the act, as finding a mess later is not a good opportunity to discipline the puppy and they won't catch on to what they are doing wrong. If you can't watch the puppy, like when you're cleaning, tending to kids, etc...put the puppy in his kennel. Always let the puppy out at regular intervals. An easy way to know when it's time for puppy to go out is take his age in months, and that's how many hours they can hold it. So a 2 month old puppy will need to go out at least every 2 hours and so on. But then of course they need to go out after eating, sleeping, getting out of the kennel, and playing. So you could actually be taking them out every 15 minutes! LOL...the joys of potty training!

Try to make a point of waiting for the puppy to "go" outside so you can praise them for a "job" well done. They will catch on quicker than you just letting them out and then going back 5 minutes later to let them back in. Overall it is a tedious process, but one that works well. I have been using this process for my new puppy and at 10 weeks he is already pretty much done potty training!

So good luck and don't forget to have a handy bottle of carpet cleaner to get those accidents cleaned up well! And just as a side note...I've used the ShamWows to dab up the potty and they are AWESOME! Waaaay better than using a towel, or paper towels to get it soaked up.

Do you have some helpful tips that have worked for you? Let me know! I love getting new information to share! Thanks for reading!!!


Mandy B said...

haha about the shamwow's. I saw them at petsmart and thought it was strange... but it makes sense, my dane messes take up a whole paper towel roll (of course having a shampooer is nice at that moment for spot cleanings). I used the book "potty train your dog in 7 days" for my puppy. I kind of tweaked it to work better for my dane, but it worked great. She still has accidents if I am not paying attention to how long it's been and she won't leave my side sometimes (ah, the joys of having a velcro dog) but if I am downstairs she'll come and go through the doggy door at her pleasure and no messes since january. (btw, we have installed a doggie septic tank in our backyard to keep the pile down... I can't imagine what that's like with 4 of them!!)

Rahime said...

:) Yippee! Puppy potty training! We found it really helpful to teach our puppy the "go potty" command. It speeds things up before bed and when we're out an about.

I'm amazed at how quickly Dane's potty train.

angelsroy33 said...

This,-believe it or not, is so interesting,(and time consuming.) I'm trying to pick up tips for when I'm finally able to be lucky enough to get a dog.(I'm hoping it will be a Great Dane, but my husband isn't thrilled with a dog quit so big, but I'm working on him.) Thank you for stopping by,-your picture alone made me happy all day. What a stunning dog, I adore him. You are so lucky to have these beautiful creatures in your life. One day I can only hope. I so, LOVE LOVE LOVE him and that picture. THANK YOU.

crazy4danes said...

Mandy- Yes the joys of having a velcro dog! It's hilarious when I'm walking down the hall and then realize I forgot something and have to turn's like walking into a wall of DANES!!! LOL Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Rahime- Go Potty command is the best!!! All my dogs know it and it does cut down a lot of time! And it is so nice that Danes are soooo easy to potty train!

Angelsroy- So glad you like Great Danes, and I do hope you get to own one someday! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! :)

The Hermit said...

I keep all my dogs outside so we don't have to go through this. Going through the process with two kids was enough for me!

Elizabeth said...

I need HELP!!! I have a 1 year Great Dane who keeps peeing and pooping her crate when we are work. We got her when she was 6 months and she has been doing it ever since we brought her home. We started feeding her at night, she gets 4 1/2 cups of food a night (Eukanuba). There is blanket in her crate and there is not much room in it. Does anyone have any other suggestions? ~ Elizabeth

2princesses said...

What is the "go potty" command? Just got our 3.5 month old Dane and he has had 2 accidents and 2 potties outside in the last 15 hours. He gives no warning - it just happens! Lol

2princesses said...

What is the "go potty" command? Just got our 3.5 month old Dane and he has had 2 accidents and 2 potties outside in the last 15 hours. He gives no warning - it just happens! Lol

PetLoverIndia PLI said...

Thanks for sharing above information! I really appreciate this post, Puppies are so delightful and just not possible to resist. But we expect them not to peeing and pooing all over the dwelling. So here are some of tips you can use to set up to potty train your puppy:-

• Understand that puppies needs to go to the bathroom a lot as a young puppy has a very small bladder, and they haven't yet cultured the talent to control it. So keep it in mind this when it comes to potty training your puppy.

• Establish yourself as the leader; this will help in earning your puppy's respect, trust and admiration. And your puppy will star following all your potty training instructions.

• Uphold a stringent schedule when you take your puppy out to go potty. Travel through the same door and use the same direction. With your awareness of your puppy's peeing preferences, foresee when she'll want to urine and bring her to the puppy bathroom.

• Never forget to encourage your puppy every time she pees in the right spot. Thrash out your cheery, joyful voice and lavish her with adulation and praise. Your puppy now has an emotional ingenious to do her job in the right place.