Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bed potatoes!

So I was chatting with some people about my Danes today and they asked if they were big couch potatoes. And I said "Of course, but mostly they are bed potatoes!" I tell you what, they love the couches, but if they can get up on a bed, they are stoked! Our bed is pretty high, so the older ones can't get on it very well anymore, but B's bed is just right. So if bedroom doors are left open the beds are up for grabs! And how can you say "Off!" when you have these two looking up at you!!! :D


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

you have no idea how much looking at your blog and Rahime's makes me want a Dane!!! Someday!

Anonymous said...

It must cost a fortune to feed dogs that big. I have trouble keeping enough food for all the cats here, let alone several big old guys like that.

angelsroy33 said...

They are SO ADORABLE,.....I show my husband every picture you post on here in hopes he will see what we all see, and want one,-one day,-we will see if it works. Also, wanted to let you know that I posted some pics on my blog of the Guiness Book of Records largest Great Dane,...he took Gibson's place and his name is Boulder,(he's 240lbs.!!!) and he is so sweet, and shy. He is STUNNING, the pictures don't do him justice,...believe me!

crazy4danes said...

Barbara- I bet! You would love one, and I hope you get to get one someday!

Hermit- Yes the biggest draw back to Great Danes is the cost to feed them...but all the pluses make it worth it!

Angelsroy- I loved those pictures! Thanks for posting them. I'm so glad you enjoy Danes and I hope you get to own one someday! :)