Friday, July 31, 2009

Outside Fun!

So we used to have our sheep and goats out in our corral, and then with the addition of Turbo, we decided to move the sheep and goats to the back yard, and open up the corral for doggie playtime! That was the original plan, and then Dan decided to put a track in complete with jumps for his RC cars. Every night he gets so frustrated because the dogs will run and jump up on the jumps he's made and completely destroy them, so every night he re grooms his track in hopes the next day will somehow be different! LOL...makes me laugh. So tonight he decided to share his run time with the dogs, and it was hilarious! Turbo and Diesel tried to follow Dan's truck all over! Dan basically had to play keep away with the dogs! It was great exercise for the dogs and a great exercise of Dan's patience! LOL...B even came out to enjoy the time with his little RC! All in all a great corral space that was shared tonight and enjoyed by all! :)


angelsroy33 said...

Can I just move in with you guys? I swear, I won't be a problem! :)

Melissa Keilman said...

Too funny yea my husband loves to chase Taybrie with the toy cars. She runs around like a bat out of hell and then turns to go get them back toofunny!!!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great pics! I want to come visit you!

Anonymous said...

Those big guys could do a number on radio controlled cars!

Greg said...

too cool, great pics

crazy4danes said...

Angelsroy- I can get pretty wild over here!

Melissa- Husband's are so funny! Dan gets a kick out of teasing the dogs!

Barbara- I would love to have you visit!!!

Hermit- Yeah a couple of times the dogs have got the RC's and Dan has had to do some serious repairs...but if he wants to dish it out he needs to be able to take it! LOL

Greg- Thank you!